One Layer at a Time

It is important to note that very, very few of my 'subjects' are posed. The images are captured just as Mother Nature presents them. The solid and/or dark backgrounds are achieved through careful observation of the natural settings and natural light.



Tulips were photographed at RoozenGaarde in Skagit Valley, Washington. The landscape during April and May is awash with fields of tulips as far as the eye can see, with rows and rows of brilliant colors. Their show garden is worth the trip... you'll spend the day deciding which bulbs to order! Plan to go:


Dahlias: Most were photographed in Port Gamble, Washington. The Kitsap Dahlia Society does a fantastic job planting and tending two compact, but mind-boggling gardens, with dozens of colors and sizes of dahlia. Port Gamble is fortunate to have Mark keeping the village looking magical.


The majority of the remainder of the flowers featured in my images are in my own backyard, courtesy of Jerry and Suzanne. I am forever thankful for the beautiful environment they created.


All images: Copyright 2017 Cheryl Feeney. All rights reserved.


Archival: My prints are archival. Generally, prints are sized 16 x 20 and larger. Please contact me to discuss additional options. Prints on metal are also of archival quality.


Paper: A variety of fine art rag papers are used for my prints. Research on inks and papers selected indicates a life expectancy equal to present day watercolor paintings.


Editions: Limited edition prints are signed and numbered. I print in editions of 50, 75 or 100. One set of numbered images is printed and then the image is retired. Please contact me for pricing.


Something to think about: While I find it flattering that fellow artists appreciate my work enough to want to "make a painting" using an image, please remember that my photographs are my art—my work. If you would like to print an image "to paint," then you will not mind if I make prints from your paintings. It is not okay to print or use these images without my written permission.



All images © 2017 Cheryl Feeney.

All rights reserved.